Brazil in Summary

What we did: 35 Days in Brazil, mainly covering the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia Where we went: 7 nights in Rio de Janeiro, 12 nights in Buzios and Cabo Frio, 1 night in Tiradente, 1 night in Belo Horizonte, 4 nights in Salvador, 4 in Morro de Sao Paulo, 6 [...]

Two boats and a bus

Overland travel is not always as it seems here. We learned this the hard way, when the 4 hour trip from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo turned into a 7 hour trip. There are many options for making this distance: a high speed boat will get you there in 2 hours for about R$75 [...]

Getaway to Itaparia

Known as a weekend getaway for wealthy Salvador residents, Itaparia island is quiet and comfortable on a summer weekday. We needed a break from the city, and the 35 minute ferry ride was an easy answer. We left around mid morning, spent the day enjoying the beach and were back at the hostel late in [...]

Salvador Dances

Celebrate life, the good and bad. On Tuesday nights in the Pelourinho, it’s all a party- rich, poor, young, old, locals and tourists- for one night, all seem to convene around a shared sense of understanding life’s hardships and finding the simple elegance of laughter in between. Here, there is music, dancing, and food everywhere [...]

Dorm rooms and travel dreams

Salvador is our first unhosted stop on our journey, and thus our first experience staying in the dorm room of a hostel. We were lucky to have booked a great place that we both feel really comfortable at. It is a great start to what will certainly be a year of dorm rooms and shared [...]

Salvador: up front and personal

I won’t say it was a rough drive in from the airport, but our introduction to Salvador was a new experience for us. The drive in, along a scenic road alongside the ocean, I thought I’d found my new favorite city. But Salvador had more in store for us. The poverty here is overwhelming in [...]

15 hours in Bela Horizonte

In a nutshell, it was a quick trip and we don’t have too much to report. We didn’t see as much as we should have, didn’t give the city too much of a chance, and really should have stayed longer. We didn’t stay for two reasons: we found the trip from Rio to Bela Horizonte [...]