Brazil in Summary

What we did: 35 Days in Brazil, mainly covering the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia Where we went: 7 nights in Rio de Janeiro, 12 nights in Buzios and Cabo Frio, 1 night in Tiradente, 1 night in Belo Horizonte, 4 nights in Salvador, 4 in Morro de Sao Paulo, 6 [...]

Two boats and a bus. Part two

Barra Grande. Until a week ago, I´d never heard of this place. By the looks of it, I don´t think im the only one. Right now as I write this, I think I am in the most isolated place I have ever been. I am realizing how addicted I am to Wifi- since this one [...]

Morro de Sao Paulo- it’s everything you’ve heard

No other way to say it- this place is paradise at it’s finest. Touristy? Yes. But not with the chain restaurants and upscale jewelry shops we Americans are used to. It’s island life from a few decades ago- roads made entirely from sand, isolated beaches in walking distance, prices that aren’t inflated beyond imagination. There [...]

Two boats and a bus

Overland travel is not always as it seems here. We learned this the hard way, when the 4 hour trip from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo turned into a 7 hour trip. There are many options for making this distance: a high speed boat will get you there in 2 hours for about R$75 [...]