How long will you be traveling for?

From the beginning, this has been the biggest question. Truthfully, we don’t know. A year is the easy answer. 16 months is the ultimate goal. But at this point, we’re just planning to take off and see how long we can travel for.

Where are you going?

We have list of countries and destinations we want to go to, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it to most of them. Here is what we know right now: we fly from here to Brazil and travel west with the goal of making it around the world. Will we make it around the world? We don’t know that either. We hope so– but that will depend on how well we budget ourselves throughout the year.

How are you affording this? You must be rich…

We get this question all the time. The simple answer is that this trip is our financial priority and we are saving every penny we have. No, we aren’t rich.  We don’t come from rich families.  Some people drive new cars, live in fancy houses or choose to have children– all of these are obviously huge financial decisions.  A trip like this is no different.  We choose travel over other financial choices and we live a very frugal lifestyle in effort to make that possible. We’re no different than the average young couple.  We struggle with student loans and home repairs, and have slowly been working our way out of credit card debt.  We just happen to be making choices for our future that are a bit different than the average american couple.

With that said, long term travel is a different animal from the average 2 week american vacation.  No fancy hotels or extravagant restaurants in this itinerary! Travel costs are considerably less per day when one considers how flexible your schedule and itinerary are.   In fact, our budget estimates right now are suggesting that it will be significantly less for us to travel for a year + than it would be to live here in Portland for the same amount of time.  From our research, it seems that most long term travelers share this experience and find that traveling like this is much more possible than most would imagine. 

What about your jobs?

What about them? Naturally, an employer is not likely to give us a 16 month leave of absence.  We are aware that we’ll most likely have to leave our jobs permanently and find new opportunities upon our return.  We’re okay with that.  The experience of seeing the world is one that can’t be done in two weeks a year (and we wouldn’t be able to afford it that way anyhow!)  This is our priority and we haven’t had any doubts since we made the commitment.  We recognize that there is a certain amount of risk in something like this but we don’t think it’s any more risky than everyday life is.

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