On Tsunami, On Kava

Perhaps our timing was off. We were coming close to the end of our time in Fiji, and had yet to feel the effects of Kava. Sure, we’d dabbled a bit here and there- the offering of a bowl at the market, a cup after dinner… We’d participated in the Kava sessions, but not with [...]

Third World Fiji

Stumble away from the beach bars and infinity pools making up the isolated resort neighborhoods, and you’ll find an island nation in a state of unresolved modernization. It is easy to be sheltered from the real Fiji, but as small as the main island is, still so easy to wander out and see for yourself [...]

Losing time

Fiji is filled with people who came here on vacation and then somehow forgot they ever lived anywhere else. Mixed with a population of natives who are perhaps the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting, it makes for a good atmosphere to say the least. I have moved in – melted [...]

1 Heap, 2 Heap, Red Heap, Blue Heap

Everyday is a farmers market day in Nadi. Our trip through the marketplace was challenged by having our backpacks with us, but the people of Fiji are so abundantly kind and helpful that our fears of being annoyances were quickly put at ease. We were in transit from Denarau to the Coral Coast, and the [...]

Resort Life

Thanks to a generous gift from some friends back at home, we’re living the good life for our first three nights here in Fiji. After five weeks of lumpy foam mattresses and bunk beds, we find ourselves in the ultimate lap of luxury- which we’ve adjusted quite well to. Checking in at our resort on [...]

Fiji Arrivals Gate


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Fiji Arrivals Gate

Loaded on an archaic plane filled with glossy eyed honeymooners bound for island paradise, Dave and I found ourselves struggling with a second long haul flight in less than three days. Furthermore, the change from Aeromexico to Air Pacific was a drastic one- a freezing cabin, tiny cardboard-like seats and really bad wine were a [...]