So long, Utila


Our rental house in Utila has brought along a reemergence of life from home: a set of house keys, warm showers, home cooked food, and big couches to sprawl across in the evening. It’s been a time to catch up with friends, hear stories about home, and begin to adjust to the thought of returning to US soil. It’s our ‘halfway home’ reminder as we enter our final weeks of travel.


Our house is an octagonal vacation rental on the far side of Utila’s main bay. It is utterly fancy for our standards, and a vacation for our four friends who met us here. Right on the water, with a spread of coral running parallel to our deck, we spend our mornings snorkeling a spot that feels like our private oasis. Iguanas sunbathe on the rocks along the water’s edge.. We feed bananas to them and look out over the blue water.


The backdrop of mainland Honduras’ mountains draws a dramatic line of crags and pinnacles along the horizon. At our feet, the shallow garden of seagrass drops off into a turquoise blue field of sea life: from nurse sharks to eagle rays, barracuda and swarms of tropical fish, we have it all in our back yard– about 50 feet from our sandy patio.


Life here has been blissfully perfect. I have nearly forgotten that a world exists outside of these views. It is the type of place that feels immediately like home and we have all adjusted without pause.


The week has disappeared so fast that I can hardly grasp where seven days went. As we all pack up and set off for the next step– the stunning view of the sunrise is what we take away. This picture will stick with me as one of those isolated moments– the times where you stop and realize how shockingly incredible earth is.

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