Baleada Bliss


Continuing our long standing obsession with the best and cheapest of the world’s street food, the Honduras Baleada provides some heavy competition in what reigns supreme. Think of the Baleada like a cross between a quesadilla and a soft taco. The basic foundation is a thick handmade flour tortilla stuffed with pureed black beans, meat/seafood, fresh cheese, and other ingredients that vary from chef to chef.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner- there is no inappropriate time to eat one. We’ve tried Baleadas with lobster, eggs, pork, chicken, and avocado. So far, it hasn’t gotten old. There are chefs with stands set up all over the place, so you never have to search too far. The best part? A beer and a plate will cost around $3USD. Not too bad for budget travelers.

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