Well Done, Belize


We try the local beer in every country we go. Not ALL the local beer, just the most famous one or two that you see in every grocery store. We wanted a comparison of the Budweiser in the US, Modelo in Mexico..The big beers. So in each country, we’ve made a point to photograph, and to taste, the ‘national’ beer everywhere. It could have been a great regular post to write about, and I regret that we didn’t spend more time on this. But it should come as no surprise that after having a few beers, writing about said beer doesn’t seem nearly as enjoyable as just having another beer. So for a beer to be so good that we muster the energy to actually give it it’s own post, well, that beer must be pretty good. Congrats, Belize. Your local beer has accomplished this.

Belikin beer is everywhere here. You see billboards advertising it and little signs outside of convenience stores. As with many of Mexico’s beers, the company cleans and reuses each bottle, so there is a significant deposit attached to the beer to ensure you bring it back. There are a few different brews that the company produces, but the main pilsner seems to be the flagship. It’s tasty. It’s much more of a microbrewery style than most of the other national beers we’ve had. For us, this seems very appropriate for a country like Belize. Everything here seems to be small batch, secret ingredient, made from scratch, created-with-pride sort of food. The national beer does a fantastic job of representing that.


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