Comfort Foods of Mexico


Tiny cooktops balanced on a crate made from backyard scraps, bikes carrying a heaping tray of home made delicacies, the ringing bell of a slow moving pastry case– hawking the foods that eerily compete in flavor with the more expensive plates at nearby restaurants. We eat here many nights; the sidewalks of Mexico.

Boiled corn rubbed with salt and lime juice, tossed in crema and rolled in fresh cheese. This is my favorite, and happily it is a popular snack. It’s hard to not stop at every corn guy’s place as we walk around town. Many serve it with mayonnaise instead of the fresh sour cream, but I prefer the snap that comes with crema. It’s served on a stick, for convenience of course, and always with a dousing of hot sauce.


Dave loves the Al Pastor: seasoned pork roasted on a rotisserie, served in taco form with a shave of pineapple. We’re told that this dish was developed in central Mexico and was adapted from Shawarma. The popularity here in the southeastern region is evident by the number of Al Pastor huts we’ve seen– in Chetumal the dish is found on most every block of downtown.

As we get closer to the Belize border, we’re trying to enjoy mexico’s culinary dishes as much as possible. We’re still convinced that the best food in North America is here, and already we’re excited to come back.

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