Only in Mexico


Everything feels like a celebration in Mexico, even a simple (yet incredible!) meal from a sidewalk taco cart. In standard form, we picked the place that seemed to draw a big crowd, looked at what others were ordering, and determined our meal based on what was best by popular vote. This method has served us well throughout the world, and here in Playa it was no different. About a ten minute walk outside of the tourist strip, we found a popular local lunch spot. Artistically extravagant with hand painted clay pots simmering an array of stewed delicacies on a hot plate, accompanied by a rainbow of salsas set up on the ledge. Choose your filling and whether you want it in taco form or empanada form, and the meal is served within minutes. Mushrooms marinated with slow stewed tomatoes, potatoes mashed with fried chorizo, shredded chicken in chili sauce, slow cooked barbacoa, and chicharones in salsa… Meals that only in Mexico can be this good. We over ate, and went back again the next day for more.

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