Tequila Festival!


Our timing in Playa del Carmen conveniently coincided with the Maya Riviera Tequila Festival. Although unplanned, we considered it somewhat of a destiny that we happened to be in town for it. Not ones to pass up things that are meant to be, we took the assignment in stride, put on our best ‘when in Mexico’ faces, and prepared for what was sure to be a memorable evening.


Held on a side street off of the main walking promenade, the festival featured 26 tequila companies ranging from small and rare to large and well promoted. In line with most of our experiences here in Playa, the event was nothing less than classy. Complete with a display of antique fermentation equipment, a ten person mariachi band, and food pairings from local restaurants– this Tequila festival represented a side of tequila that many Americans don’t expect to see.


Dave was interviewed by a local news channel, and entirely in Spanish, he explained the recipes he liked to use tequila in. One of the interviewers was a chef who happily used his comments to segue into a lecture on the historical uses of tequila in food, as a formal accompaniment to multi course meals, and of the different flavors many tequilas can bring out in food. For instance, a high quality barrel aged Anejo can often have essences of vanilla and cinnamon, and other warm spices. We tried this tequila with a layered flan dessert after receiving recommendations from a grower on how to eat food with well aged, small barrel tequilas.


We’re excited to see this way of enjoying tequila grow. In future years, it is possible that the representation won’t be about slamming shots between keg stands, but about pairing with fresh ceviche and spicy smoked peppers. Bring on the new age of Tequila!


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