The Charm of Granada


One hour south of Managua lies the frequently visited town of Granada. A lakeside conglomeration of towering churches and brightly colored buildings that open up onto the outstretched sidewalk of every street. Granada is a simple town, with little fanfare and a limited number of tourist destinations.


Yet it’s not tourism that seems to keep tourists coming here. Granada is walkable, it has a delicious streetscape of colors and artsy accouterments. One can walk the same block a hundred times and continue to discover something new.


One of the many beauties of Granada is it’s odd ability to make density breathable. The common streets are generally all the same structure- one long block of concrete wall spattered with arch doorways and tiled roofs. The storefronts are generally the same structure of the homes that they share walls with. But each block of buildings, while seemingly manufactured as one, has it’s own creative edge.


Courtyards are cut into the houses, between walls, and behind doorways. In the evenings, the sidewalks become communal porches as families open up their doors and sit together on the stoops. Arched windows reveal nooks, wiry gates emanate the sounds of interior fountains. Grandmas knit in rocking chairs at their windows, carrying on conversations with friends across the street and next door. Granada is at once closed up, and on display all at once. There is something inspiring about it, that begs for just one more day.


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