Nicaragua- it’s different now.


After a highly televised history of conflict and violence, Nicaragua is on the verge of becoming the next big thing for travelers. Already, it’s a lovely, gratifying tourist destination. Many in the know are already here, enjoying the sublime views, sunshine, and outdoor adventures this country has to offer. Which is partially why we’ve been so surprised at the response we’ve received from many people reading our blog. It seems that Nicaragua’s reputation, amongst many, is one of danger, violence, and fear.

We’ve received quite a number of emails and comments from people asking us what we were thinking when we decided to travel through Nicaragua– These comments trickling in even before we posted any articles about our experiences here. After so long on the road we understand a lot about preconceptions Americans have of other countries, but what shocks us is how long it takes for people to change their minds about the things they hear. It has taken us a while to post on our travels since entering Nicaragua, simply because we are recognizing the responsibility we carry to ensure our descriptions are accurately describing this beautiful country.

We ask that people take a deeper look- change what you think you know about Nicaragua. It is not the destroyed, unavoidably dangerous country you might think. We’re working hard to put together posts that will accurately portray what we see and what we experience. It is of growing importance to us that we attempt to give our friends and family a new perspective– a perspective from our first hand experiences… In hopes that we can all learn that what the media portrays is never the full story.

As with many places we’ve visited, we’ve found that the recovery from tumultuous times can be just as devastating as the occurrences themselves. The world’s perspective makes a considerable difference in the way any society recovers from their own history– the best thing we can do is to accept the constantly changing universe and recognize that our views of other places directly effect the lives of the people living there. Look deeper. Nicaragua is emerging. It’s different now.

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