The Canal and the City


I didn’t go to the canal. The most famous tourist attraction in Central America, and I never mustered the motivation to go. It just didn’t interest me. I feel a little guilty, but not guilty enough to force myself onto a bus, just to squeeze my way into a crowd of people furiously snapping pictures on an observation deck.


Luckily, Dave represented us. He went, and I happily wandered a Panamanian grocery store. Everyone was happy. It worked out quite well. Dave never likes to spend long hours wandering the spice isle of a supermarket, and I am losing interest in places with a high amount of tourist traffic.


Panama City is situated at the confluence of two worlds. It is one of the more economically advanced cities in Central America, the gateway to South America, and not far from the eastern border with the Caribbean.

The city streets are a mix of languages, colors, and dress, but all in a way that is solidly Panamanian. The contrasts of high sky rise buildings, crumbling sidewalks, stucco houses, brightly colored buses, hole in the wall lunch cafeterias, and a modern working waterfront make the city layered with definition. Panama City has the feel of a rapidly growing metropolis, and I have no doubt that each and every visit brings a new perspective.


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