Fear not the sea days


14 days on a ship. Naturally, our purpose for doing this cruise was to take advantage of the cheap transport. But in the days leading up to it we couldn’t help but be a little nervous about the amount of time we’d be stuck on the boat. Over the two week trip, we’d have the chance to stop briefly at 4 islands: one on the european side (Tenerife), and three on the Caribbean side (St. Maarten, Antigua, and Barbados). That was the exciting part, and the aspect we were most looking forward to. But the one thing that made us nervous was the stretch of time in between those islands.


Taking a ship across the Atlantic involves 5 full days in a row at sea. No stops, no views of land, all day on the ship. There is an unfortunate lack of islands in this part of the world- a problem that seems to be a trait of most oceans. What would we do for five days in a row?

Our concern, although minimal to begin with, was a waste. Cruising is like summer camp for adults, only more relaxing. Everyone with a mild interest in cruising should consider a boat with a majority of sea days. The boat itself is so incredible that we really don’t miss land at all.


Luxury might not quite explain the grandeur of our daily lives on board. After months of grimy shower stalls, sagging matresses, and insect infestations, we find ourselves tucked into crisp white sheets, fluffy pillows, and hot water showers. Our stateroom attendant folds our towels into animals each evening to top it off. We are fed sublimely three to four times a day, feasting on rock shrimp, prime rib, Caesar salad, pasta with white truffles… Displays are complete with ice sculptures and flowers carved from fruits and vegetables.


We visit the library, lay around the pool deck, and take ballroom dance classes. In the early evening, there is an incredible violin player who performs in the centrum. While the tables and chairs around him make up a bar, people become captivated when he plays. The room seems to quiet and people watch with intent- captivated. There is no lack of entertainment, with the exception of about three hours in the early morning where they suggest you sleep. What i’m saying is whoever started the rumor that 14 days on a ship would be boring was clearly misguided. Life is good here. Honestly, as our sailing nears it’s end, neither of us are at all excited to leave. Life on board is so easy that returning to backpacking will surely be the bigger adjustment.


With that, I will end this post as simply as I started it. I have a schedule to maintain. There’s a sushi making seminar up next, and a concert tonight after dinner. We’ve got to soak up this vacation while we can- before we turn back into backpackers at the end of this sea journey.

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