At home in Spain


Our taxi squeezed it’s way down a narrow alleyway in the darkening hours of evening. People were starting to emerge from their flats for nighttime walks and long, late evening meals. Street lights lit dim shadows across the cobbled streets, distorting the shapes of the neighborhood around us. The glowing eyes of local cats set their gaze upon us and curiously considered our luggage piled up at our sides. We waited patiently against a brick wall at a concrete stoop- strangers to this new street scene- awaiting the key delivery from our new landlord. What could have felt a bit spooky was cast aside by our excitement for everything that was familiar: street signs in a familiar alphabet, a language we had experience with. The sweet smell of tomato sauce and fresh bread filled the air from a nearby bar. We could hear laughter and jubilant conversations from an outdoor tapas establishment around the corner. Best of all, there were no piles of dirt and trash to step over- after India, the streets here looked as clean as could be. It’s refreshing. We’re back in the western world, and it feels elegant.


Barcelona opens up like a wonderland as the sun sets. The stories of twisting, rambling walking paths and intimate sidewalk eateries are all entirely true. Barcelona begs for you to get lost in it’s labyrinth– it is the best way to befriend the metropolis. Barcelona is classy, sophisticated, and moves to a pulse that is calculated yet intoxicating. Fashions are inspiring. The people are beautiful. The feel is laid back, yet cutting edge. Modern, artistic architecture towers overhead and the awe of monolithic historic edifices sprawl within the mix. You jump between historic ages block after block. The museum is simply out your front door and down any little winding street. Life is everywhere.


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