Take my picture, Bollywood


With one day left in our final India destination, Mumbai, we decided to go big. The Hollywood of Asia called to us. The chance to be an extra on the set of a movie seemed like a fun excursion from our daily routine. A souvenir like none other. Bright and early we loaded onto a bus with a handful of other people and went to try our hand at the wonderful world of big screen acting.

I am proud to say that Dave has a knack for the silver screen. Unless the cutting room floor sees it first, Dave will make his Bollywood debut on December 24 in a movie titled ‘I Love New Year’.


His role was a tiring one. A grueling 13 hour day ensued, during which Dave repeatedly loaded on a fake plane, fell asleep on the shoulder of a Bollywood celebrity, and waited for the director to yell ‘cut!’. In between takes, a makeup lady would shuffle over to the pair, wipe sweat from their foreheads and apply makeup. A wardrobe person would argue with a clerk over how to place spectacles on Dave’s head, or whether the color of his sweater was right for the camera. The celebrity would overdramatize his harsh career and take refuge next to the air conditioning… And then a loudspeaker would come on, each actor took his place, and the whole scene happened all over again.


Dave took it like a pro and adjusted to his new status as Co-Star quite well. I, on the other hand, spent most of my time in a makeshift green room reading a book. Luckily it all paid the same. In exchange for our time we were each compensated with a crisp 500 rupee bill (about $10). We weren’t complaining– this is the most money we’ve made in nearly 10 months…

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