Camel Riding- Whose idea was this?


Today, I learned a lesson that I never wished to bother experimenting with. The notion of riding on the back of a large animal is not something I have any interest in, and yet I allowed myself to be talked into the event like it was a ‘must see’ experience. I should listen to myself more.


I rode a camel into the desert to watch a sunset. What did I learn? I learned that sometimes I am right about the things I don’t like- and often times I don’t necessarily need to ‘give it a go’ to discover why I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it in the first place. By the looks of the camel- he felt exactly the same way I did. Reluctantly, the two of us scrambled across a sandy path up into a small section of sand dunes about 50 kilometers outside of Jaisalmer. My camel was audibly more upset about this than I was- muttering and roaring every ten feet or so. I didn’t blame him, there was no question over who had the shorter end of the stick.


Camels are tall creatures. So tall that i think they could be related to the giraffe. Once up on a camel, one sees exactly how high up in the air you are positioned… Had my four legged companion decided he’d had enough, I would be writing this post from a hospital room. Just saying.


Perhaps this is a historically accurate way of viewing a desert sunset, and I respectfully recognize this. There was a time when a camel was the best means of covering the vast landscape of western India. I have an ocean of respect for the people who mastered the art of long distance camel riding, but it just wasn’t for me. I was ready to throw in the towel after ten minutes of bumpy, uneven riding– having seen my spine broken in half in mind’s eye repeatedly. With visions of being unceremoniously catipulted into the ground, I was in no way interested in continuing the exotic adventure. Yes, I have a bad attitude about this. This is an activity that simply isn’t for me… But let it be known, the camel feels exactly the same way. We stand in solidarity on this issue. Enough said.

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