Delhi: a tour-ish like thing


We flew into Delhi with rather ignorant eyes. Considering that India was not originally in our travel plans, we never really did much research. We had seen some travel shows on it, and talked casually with friend who’d been here, but our knowledge ended there. So it should come as no surprise that we unintentionally flew in the night before a major holiday– Gandhi’s Birthday. We woke up to relatively quiet streets, closed shops, and restaurants with limited hours. Sightseeing was impossible. That was Sunday- our first full day. Meaning the next day was Monday- the universal day for museums and sight seeing attractions to be closed. These were our only full days in Delhi.


Traveling across town to see a closed door is something my family is plagued with. We’ve been touring the ‘closed’ signs of various countries since I was ten. It’s comical. It was past time for Dave to be introduced to this unintentional tradition. So on our appropriate tour of the closed sites in Delhi, we saw as much as possible. It’s a huge city. It still filled a day, and we were lucky enough to get in to a few places that had their doors open.


So with a little glimpse of the chaos that is Delhi, we leave with an unfinished perspective. Neither of us are quite ready to describe what the city is to us yet- it takes so much time to take this city in: the drastic conglomeration of old and new, the traditional and the modern, the poor and wealthy… Delhi is too much for the eyes and far to much for the soul to take in over a two day period. We feel like we’re leaving a movie halfway through.


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