Press 5 for Upcoming Travel


‘Hello, Ma’am. Thank you for calling Visa. How can we be of service today?’

Yes, I’m calling to report upcoming travel.

‘I’m sorry, it’s a bad connection and we at Visa are having trouble hearing you’

Yes. Yes, I know. I’m calling online, from Thailand. Unfortunately it’s going to be a challenging call.

‘Ohh, wow! How are you enjoying your vacation? I see in our computer you are in Thailand’

Mm, yeah, we’re in Thailand. I call every month to update you on our location.

‘Oh. Uhhh.. Okay. Let’s see… I notice here that you are in Thailand until September 1. It sounds like you extended your vacation a little!’

No, not really. We’ve been traveling since January. I just need to report our upcoming locations so you don’t shut off my card.

‘I’m sorry, Ma’am. We cannot shut off your fraud protection’

Yes, I know. That is not what I want. I just need to tell you where we’re going next. You can put that in your computer, so that you know where the card is supposed to be used.

‘How long do you plan to travel for?’

I don’t know that. I’m sorry. I just know our upcoming locations– over the next few months.

‘I’m sorry, but we can only report two months worth of travel in our system’

Yes, and that is why I call you every month.

‘Okay, let’s see. You are still in Thailand.. So what is it you want me to do?’

I just need to report our upcoming location, that’s all.


…We head to India tomorrow. I’d like that to be reflected on the computer system..

‘Oh! I hear India is a nice city!’

Um. India is a—never mind. Yes, I am very excited. Can this be updated in my record?

‘Yes, we can do that right now… …. … ….Okay, we have this in our system. Please keep track of your account and call us immediately if you see anything suspicious.’

Thank you. I always do.

‘And one more thing..’


‘Ma’am, when is your arrival date back in the US?’

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