Shiny and New!


The benefit of passing through Bangkok so many times is that we are always heading back into a major city. When our camera broke in Laos, we knew we’d only have a brief amount of time to deal with it before we were able to replace it in a city that boasted places like malls, department stores, and electronics mega centers. If you’ve noticed the number of blurred photos in the blog over the last few weeks- you’ve probably already started to wonder what was going wrong. We weren’t drunk. The camera, however, quite possibly was.

So our final day in Bangkok was spent at the Siam Paragon mall- a high end cluster of buildings made mostly of glass and towering elevators, conveniently located right off the sky train. The air conditioning was so cold I almost bought a sweater- I think this might be a selling tactic.

Most Thais speak a little bit of English. But when it comes to buying electronics, the language barrier becomes a great wall. We ended up taking trips between the department store and the computer store- where we cross referenced the cameras online, to the demise of many computer salesmen who quickly realized we weren’t there to buy a MacBook Air. It was a long day, but a few hours later we emerged with a new camera, and a sheet of paperwork that will get us the VAT back at the airport.

So everything’s checked off the list, no need to stay in the big city. We’re off to Cambodia. Hopefully to find more charm, better food, and the comfort of a country less traveled.

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