The weekend market that everyone tells us is a ‘must see’. We specifically arrived back in Bangkok on a Saturday so that we could make it to the Sunday showing of this extravaganza. We were told you can find anything at this market. So with a map in hand and a sky train stop a mere ten minute walk away, our Sunday morning schedule was set in place. Bright and early, we boarded a train bound for Mo Chit- which as Dave pointed out is the perfect name for the station stop near the market, since this is exactly what people come here to buy.


Chatuchak is the largest weekend market in Bangkok, and theorized to compete as one of the larger worldwide. It spans more than 30 acres of covered, open air stalls divided by section and subject matter. We found out all too quickly that it is very easy to get lost- we accidentally circled the t-shirt section three times before finding our way out of that section and into another. We toured through a food section, a grocery section, a furniture section, a toy section, and a musical instrument area before finding our way to the more exotic areas… Of note- the live pets: where you can purchase a puppy with fur dyed to a fluorescent color of your choice, or a pet squirrel dressed as a fireman. The pet section contains an intimidating concentration of ‘no photo’ signs, and we didn’t have the guts to break the rule.


We lost track of time here. Although we started out in the labyrinth early in the morning, we didn’t think to look at the clock tower in the center of the market until 3pm. By our estimates, we only covered about half, maybe less, of the complex. You can in fact find anything here, as long as you have the time.

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