Bangkok: the sequel


All roads lead to Bangkok. The big city is the clearing house for everywhere you want to go. So for a second time, we find ourselves back here for a few days. We have some errands to run, some packages to mail, and some preparation to do before setting off to Cambodia. This time, we decided to stay in a different part of town- a more upscale part of town. We hope to get a new perspective of the city. We want to see what this place is like outside of the backpacker district.


Thankfully, cashing in our credit card points allowed us to book three nights at a four star hotel in the Sukhumvit district. We’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to relax in a large hotel room, use the pool and hot tub, and see a section of the city we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. It will undoubtedly offer us a new perspective- a cleaner, more sophisticated side of the city. And to add to the excitement, we will be conveniently located within walking distance of the Sky Train, Bangkok’s well reputed public transportation. The backpacking district is far away from this train system, so we have yet to experience it. Public transportation is always a good indication of the health of a city, in my opinion. So with new eyes and an open mind, we are off to re-experience the big city of SE Asia, do some more sight seeing, and hopefully come away with a happier view than last time. Bangkok: take two.

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