Laos BBQ


Some pics from our Laos BBQ from last week. Most importantly, the creativity of the table: the center tile pops out to reveal an inverted concrete cone, a bucket of glowing red mesquite is placed inside. A circular metal dish with a trough running it’s circumstance is inserted. Broth is poured around the exterior, pork fat is placed on the grill portion to prevent the sliced water buffalo meat from sticking. The restaurant claims to offer a vegetarian version, but by observation it appears that the pork fat is a standard tool for lubricating the hot plate. Perhaps it isn’t actually pork fat… But I don’t want to consider what else the the melting white cubes could be.


Served with the meat is a heaping plate of fresh vegetables and glass noodles, which are added to the boiling broth at will. Two eggs are stabbed with a chop stick and the contents swirl into the soup. The meal is essentially soup and grilled, thinly sliced meat.


It is the genius of any restaurant to serve raw food to a customer and have them cook their own meal. Why we find this so entertaining is another topic entirely. Typically, we would go to a restaurant in order to not have to cook, but this rule doesn’t apply to long term travelers. However much I miss cooking, I have not once been saddened by walking away from a table of dishes waiting to be cleaned. This is possibly the more realistic draw of a restaurant that has you do the cooking, the cleanup is still on someone else’s watch.

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