Travel Days


Alas, the worry and personal scorn we placed upon ourselves for procrastinating on train ticket purchases was in vain. We ended up snagging two tickets on the sleeper train, but not without effort. We effectively lost a day waiting around the train station to see if upgraded tickets became available.

When looking for something to do, generally Bangkok is a good place to look. The city is well set up for waiting around- the train station is no different. Despite spending the better part of four hours sitting on the floor with another 50 others in our same pickle, we spent the other 3 hours entertained by the many amenities available at the station. We started with getting Thai massages, celebrating the queen’s birthday by group patriotic song, playing cards on the balcony, and eating a few dunkin donuts (a noble nod to American culture). Once learning that a 2nd class train was available for us, albeit on a later train, we celebrated by eating pho noodles in the outdoor kiosk with a small yet well fed family of cockroaches.

We were thankfully in great moods and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. Bangkok saw us off with torrential rains and little reason to hesitate on the goodbyes.

Fast forward 13 hours- including a delay- and we we arrived in the border town of Nong Khai. Here, a tuktuk driver squeezed us into the back of his ride with two other travelers and all our luggage for the drive to the border. We passed through Thai customs, took a bus over the friendship bridge and then passed through the Laos Border. Another hour long bus ride dropped us off at the Vientiane station. By many roads and hours of travel, we had arrived.

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