Inland and Land Locked


We’ve rarely strayed from the loving arms of the ocean on this trip. Every time we find a cozy seaside town, somehow other plans get thrown out the window as time seems to freeze. The next few weeks will take a sharp turn as we head inland to Laos- clearly unchartered territory for us.


Luckily, the sleepy town of Vientiane has offered an introduction in the best way possible. The river walk opens up in the evenings, with food stands, local artists, and crafts for purchase. Colonial buildings, beautifully kept up, line the main street between the palace and the many temples.


The former French rule here has left a cuisine of perfectly combined Asian and French flavors. Bakeries cook up some of the best baguettes we’ve had in years, and sitting outside with a sandwich and coffee makes for a perfect afternoon.


Vientiane is a city you experience by living it, not by checking off sites on a tourist map. Luckily, this is what we’re good at.

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