For Kristen. In memory.


There are months that go by where travel is like a dream and I feel as light as wind and as carefree as the sand and sea that line my path. There is an awe and appreciation in learning how truly large the world is- and a freedom that comes with discovering the wonder of the planet we reside upon.

But there is no harder feeling than to be on the other side of the earth when tragedy strikes.

Tomorrow, friends are gathering back in so cal to remember a college friend who left this earth far too soon. My thoughts are with those she was closest with.

Kristen- I will miss your laugh, your confidence, and your ability to fill a room with stories and boisterous energy. I will miss how you so naturally made me feel included, even when there were years between our reunions. I will miss the loyalty you showed to your friends- it is a trait I have an ocean of respect for.

Rest peacefully. You will not be forgotten.

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