Street Food: Penang’s Passion

A quick synopsis of our favorite meals in Penang:

Fresh Samosas in Little India filled with curried chicken, potatoes, or tuna:


Iced Penang Coffee (their coffee beans are not roasted, but fried in butter and sugar) made with sweetened condensed milk:


The next two pictures are a variation of fondue of sorts. We aren’t sure what it’s called. You pick out a skewer with various meats, dumplings, tofu, and fish balls. There are then two bubbling pots of water to cook the skewer to your liking, and three kinds of sauces from which to dip into. We ate a few of these every night before heading on to other carts:



Fresh Chapati Bread (always served with a curry sauce)


And finally, dim sum- most commonly a breakfast meal here and our first meal in Penang after an early morning ferry ride into town (our hotel manager mapped out directions and suggested we come here for breakfast!)


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