Fort Cornwallis and the Coconut Shake


Fort Cornwallis was supposed to be the main act of the day, but like everything in Penang the food stole the show. Of all places to return to again and again, the food court outside of the fort has become a ritual. Not that the fort itself wasn’t enjoyable.


This is a perfect example of this city- the historical significance is only a backdrop for good street food and constant progressive meals. We aren’t the only ones. We waited 20 minutes for our shakes on the first visit- there were easily 30 people ahead of us. And since we’ve learned to find the best food by looking for the biggest line, this was no surprise. Long lines lead to great food.


The coconut shake: not actually a shake at all but a mix of coconut pulp, coconut water, and sweetened condensed milk served over ice. The mix has a scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped in, and we suppose this is the reason for the name. But the bottom of the cup offers multiple long ribbons of the sweet, gelatinous inner layer of the pulp. We scoop this out with a spoon. Like any good dessert, the last bite should be the best part. The guys at the coconut shake counter have this down to an art.

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