Expats and Orphaned Kittens


How we stumbled upon this guesthouse is a question we are still asking, but it is a true testament to how the vibe of a place can make a hostel. When you find a place as special as this, you change your plans and make effort to stay longer. For us, this meant increasing our stay to a week. It could easily have been a month. I love this city. Sure, many of the buildings are a bit run down. But I have never experienced a place with so much pride, so many stories, and so much incredible street food.


This city is vibrant. A mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian communities living in unison, and dedicating much of their lifestyles to the one thing that brings everyone together: food. From the front porch of our hostel, we take in the street scene every night. We’ve met people from all over the world who came here in the same way we did: planning to stay a few nights, finding themselves unable to leave.


We haven’t allowed ourselves to indulge in much nightlife on this trip, in fact we rarely go to bars. But this guesthouse has us exchanging stories into the late hours with other travelers. We sit around the outside tables together, watching the stray kittens, gazing at passing food carts, and getting to know the local dogs (who visit us nightly). We eat long progressive dinners as we walk the night food stalls. We haven’t gone to sleep before midnight once. We just can’t seem to get enough of this place.


And don’t worry, the orphaned kitten found a home. But there is a good story behind her journey…

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