Back on the mainland


While the lazy days of island life had to come to an end (for no other reason but to stop us from diving too much), we are decidedly not ready for another long haul bus ride. We’ve found a comfortable enough guest house in Kota Bharu, and plan on staying until we’re mentally well prepared for another session as canned sardines. This guesthouse has wifi, breakfast and clean rooms. We’ll have to get over the overwhelming scent of mildew in the bathrooms, but other than that we feel good here.

Kota Bharu is the last big town in the north eastern corner of the country. It is the capitol of the the state of Kelantan. From what we can ascertain, it’s known for its market and for the Thai consulate- frequented by the few expats willing to make the dangerous border crossing to extend their visas (more about the dangerous border crossing later, but no, that is not the border crossing we’re taking up to Thailand).


Obviously we don’t know too much about Kota Bharu yet. After a week in the Perhentians, the sudden reminder of the existence of cars, motorbikes, and paved roads has been enough to send us to our room sulking. The air is thick with gasoline, stray cats bolt from under food carts, and the sidewalks are a series of concrete blocks placed over the nearly open sewer (think constant trip hazard). It is an adjustment, but to stay cooped up on isolated islands would be a mockery of Asia.

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