Singapore in Summary


What we did: 6 quick days, including one day spent at Palau Ubin.

What we did: We covered quite a lot in our short time here- Bugis, Little India, Chinatown, the riverside, and parts of the east coast. This was a lot to fit in considering the hot weather and the amount of walking we did. We’ve spent our first few days in Malaysia taking it easy and trying to recover (but it was worth it!).


About Costs: We worried ourselves about costs here, having heard from other travelers how expensive it was. We ended up staying an extra day and still came in well under our budget of $500. The expensive items here are accommodations and alcohol. We stayed at a nicer hostel that was a bit more expensive than the others in town, but we ate mainly at the hawker stands and pretty much avoided bars all together. Simply put, we were happy to find such a great city at such affordable prices. Other travelers disagree with us, but we can’t figure out how they were spending so much.


Our impressions: Singapore is easy to learn your way around, and from that aspect we felt immediately at ease here. The city is beautifully well kept up and people are generally quite helpful. Despite English being the national language it is not as widely spoken as we had assumed, but we were able to find volunteer translators when in a pinch. The city is arguably the most modern of any city we’ve visited, which made for many conveniences, and some rather comical moments of confusion. There is so much to take in here, that it’s hard to stop and take a breather. We both remain fascinated with Singapore, even more now that we’ve left.


What we’ll miss: Public art is in abundance, the ease of public transportation, Jaw dropping architecture, local’s opinions on the best food carts, and the mix of so many cultures. People here love shopping malls and food- both are prolific. This sums up a big part of this place, but in a delightfully unique way.

What we won’t miss: The extreme heat and humidity was unlike anything either of us have experienced before. We felt constantly dehydrated and were happy to see an air conditioned mall on most every street corner. We’re told that eventually you adjust… But clearly you need more than a week for this to happen.

Next up: Malaysia


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