The City of Gourmet


Think you live in a food city? Admit defeat unless you live here in Singapore, bow to the greatness of the only city to truly put it’s money where it’s mouth is. Your city can’t compete. There’s no point in even trying.


Singapore has a population of about 5 million. Compared to the sheer number of food courts, food stalls, restaurants, and street carts, it would seem like the population is twice that number. What’s more, is that these places are always busy. Food is central to Singapore. This is a city of food critics and connoisseurs. When we aren’t eating here, we are thinking about where to eat next or talking about the meal we just had. And everyone else here seems to do the same. It doesn’t matter where you go or what budget you are on. In Singapore, you are guaranteed of finding hand made, fresh, often from scratch, dishes. The prices are very reasonable, and superior quality is a national standard.


We have had every meal here in on of the many food courts spread across the city. Referenced as food hawkers, these establishments wouldn’t draw too much attention in other cities. But here, they are arguably the best places to eat. Our meals average about $3 each, and we usually choose our hawker stand by judging which line is longest. We’ve had people approach us in line, recognizing we are tourists and ask ‘how did you find out about this place?!’. We’ve had others come to our table and show us how to eat certain meals. People have offered to buy us tea that ‘goes well with your meal’ and have sat down to eat with us because they are so excited to talk about food. The food city. This is Singapore.


Favorites so far: minced meat noodles, fish ball soup, yam cakes, and Nasi Lemak- a fried chicken, crispy anchovy and coconut rice dish. Also, a juice called a Lime Sour Plum has charmed our taste buds in the hot weather. We are heading to a food center today to try the infamous Chicken Rice- a specific stand that has been recommended to us by two different people. Singaporeans know their food, and we aren’t about to miss out on an establishment that appears to be so well loved.

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