Palau Ubin

Palau Ubin is an island between mainland Singapore and Malaysia. Rich with tropical forest, fruit trees, and quiet farms, Palau Ubin is thought of as the last true village of Singapore. It is a nature reserve, and a shockingly quiet oasis amongst the urban backdrop.

Look closely- two wild boar are in this photo!

After crossing over by ‘bumboat’, we rented bikes and eased our way through the island for a morning. We stop every few minutes, watching monkeys jump between palms and fruit trees, and spotting packs of boars as they crossed our paths. We walked the coastal boardwalk during low tide and saw thousands of crabs eating breakfast from the muddy banks and mudskippers dancing across the beaches. It was easy to forget that this was part of Singapore. The photos look misplaced amongst the other pictures from our visit here.

This is a rare effort in nature conservation for this city, and it is well cherished by many. Over the years, there have been sightings of monitor lizards, elephants, and even tigers. Not bad for a place that is only about 45 minutes (by public transport) from the densely populated downtown. After wandering the city for 4 days the sounds of nature are almost startling, but well worth the trip to see how Singapore once looked before development took over.

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