Fish Spa

Our final day in Bali. We spent it how we’ve spent most of our days here: enjoying fruit and coffee on the balcony of our guest house, walking the beachfront, and visiting our favorite Nasir Campur restaurant for lunch. But before eating noodles at our favortie night market cart and jet setting off to Singapore, there was one more thing we had to try…


Bali is well known for their spas and spa treatments. Balinese massage is on every street corner, at facilities ranging from simple walk-in salon style shops to fancy day spas complete with indoor fountains and upscale architecture. We’ve splurged on a few massages while we’ve been here. With prices averaging about $6-$8 for a one hour treatment, it’s hard to resist. But we’d yet to try the fish spa.

Walking through the busier streets, it’s hard to miss the large tanks sitting amongst cushioned benches. Tourists line up to soak their feet in the aquariums, while a brigade of tiny fish feast off the dead skin cells. It’s not the most luxurious sounding spa service, but it was intriguing, and something we had to experience.


A fish spa session feels exactly like you think it will- it tickles a bit. That’s really it. We are in a disagreement about the worthiness of the fish spa. While entertaining to have your feet soaking with hundreds of little fish, I really don’t think it did much for me. Dave, on the other hand, swears his feet are softer and more presentable than before (in his defense, the fish did seem to like his feet more than mine). I write this one off as novelty.

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