Efficiency at it’s Finest


Big city, little country. The mixing pot of SE Asia, Singapore is the most user friendly city we’ve visited. The place is so easy to figure out, so logically designed, that it’s begs to question why every city isn’t following in the footsteps of these genius urban planners. And in a place where so many people speak so many different languages, practice so many different religions, and come from so many different cultures, it’s truly impressive to see how beautifully synchronized this society is. Say what you may about this country, but Singapore doesn’t just work, it surpasses expectations with a presence of pride and perfection. There is a reason why the economy and the population has grown so exponentially in such a small amount of time.


Our first impressions centered around the cleanliness– everywhere. The airport, the subway, the street signs… Everything has a modern edge to it, and the sidewalks are so clean that the 3 second rule may actually be realistic here (although we don’t plan on trying this). Street signs are in four languages, and are usually accompanied by a picture for added explanation. The lighted signs on the train not only show what stop is next, but where you are headed and which door will open. If you can’t figure this system out, then nothing can help you.

Our hassle free subway ride from the airport to the city dropped us off in the basement of a quintessential Singapore food court. We passed through the fantastically air conditioned mall with ease before setting sights on our tiny but efficient hostel in the center of the Bugis neighborhood. No confusion, no trouble, and no stress. Logic Prevails. Singapore is the apple computer of cities, waiting calmly for the rest of the world to catch up.


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