Living Sanur


Venturing further from the Kuta/Legian neighborhoods, we realize more and more how much of a party-vacationer hell that area was. We originally planned to head back that direction- to make for an easy airport commute before heading out. We’ve since changed our minds. We’ll stay right here in Sanur. Where the streets are calmer, the people are kinder, and the lifestyle more genuine.

Sanur, while still familiar with the western tourist, nevertheless offers a chance to see so much more of the Balinese reality. Simply walking down the street is a chance to see a Hindu ceremony, a street vendors’s handmade delicacies, or a chance to watch a children’s game of bicycle free-tag (at least that’s what we’ve named it).


I find myself with so many notes and ideas for blog posts: scribbled writings from tonight’s dinner and receipts from yesterday’s trip to the grocery store, all stuffed into my purse for later perusal. Undoubtedly the list is far too long for every category to make a post, but one thing is for sure: there is a lot of inspiration here in this little oceanside town.

Sanur is perhaps the first stop on this world journey where we’ve yelled ‘cut!’ No more wondering ‘where to next?’ in Bali. It is in Sanur we’ll stay for the duration, aimlessly wandering from guesthouse, to night market, to the shoreline, and back again. Savoring the culture, making notes on each day, and respecting the world around us for magical place it truly is.


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