Bali’s tourist Mecca


Returning to Legian beach after scuba diving, this time to a guest house only two blocks from the beach. We thought the last guesthouse was a tourist area, we had no idea it wasn’t the tourist center. This is.

This neighborhood is likely the reason so many tire of Bali quickly. Crammed with tour kiosks and little shops divided by tarps, bars selling happy hour specials and westernized food- yep, we’ve found the tourist Mecca. We can’t walk from our room to the beach without at least 20 people asking us to buy fake rolex watches or channel purses and wallets. Taxis honk loudly at us when walking down the street, and the beach is crowded with kids selling bracelets. There also seems to be an obsession with selling badly translated profanity-laden bumper stickers; something we still do not understand the popularity of. Life here is hectic, more rushed, and less picturesque. But the Bali charm still manages to squeeze it’s way in. We’ve learned to appreciate this area for what it is, in the same way we appreciate Vegas for what it is. We are happy to experience it, yet happy to be moving on to the next place.

Today, we leave for the quiet beach of Sanur. About half an hour’s drive from here, the area once known (in the 1970′s) for being the first neighborhood to bring in tourists. We are told that now the beach town has reemerged as a calm, more genuine waterfront getaway. The timing could not be more ideal.


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