Our Safari Diving Adventure


Three days of diving has just flown by with barely a chance to realize it has passed. Even with six dives completed in Bali, we have barely scratched the surface of the water here- and at times the ocean floor was so picture perfect, it felt more like swimming in a aquarium.

Unlike in Australia diving here seems to be a tourist only activity. Booking a three day trip was a big deal for the dive company. There was no crowd of people at the beach waiting for the boat to arrive, and we found ourselves the only two on many dives. We got access to some great places, on small boats, and felt a bit spoiled at times by the personal attention. That said, both of our guides spoke only Indonesian, so there was a language barrier that presented a problem. Luckily, underwater communication is universal. For the first time, we got to see giant squid and rainbow eel up close- both of which we were really fascinated with.


In addition to the diving, the travel adventure that accompanied was no less picturesque. Our tour guide drove us through terraced rice fields, past monkeys hanging out in coves, intricately designed temples, village markets, and stunning ocean views. We got a glimpse of the rural Bali, and it was every bit as fascinating as the city.

We were set up for two nights at a Balinese Homestay in the town of Candidasa, where we marveled at the blooming orchids growing from the bark of banana trees, and sipped freshly made papaya juice after each day of diving. Here the coast is quiet, and life feels somehow more real than in Kuta and Legian. Evening soccer games start up on the beach, stray cats and chickens are abundant, and colorful outrigger boats line up on the sand.

Initially nervous about the lack of other divers, we quickly realized this was a lucky spin for us. Our experience felt genuine, and intimate- and it made us love Bali even more than before.




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