Pretty in Perth


Here we are in Western Australia. A slightly less-frequented vacation spot for foreigners, yet a popular holiday for Australians. This is a more ‘secluded’ Australia, where places of interest are a days drive from the next. Where the cities are smaller, the ocean opens to a deep and vastly moving abyss, and life seems less complicated than along the coast of it’s eastern counterpart. We’ve arrived here in Perth- to what some claim to be the most isolated commercial airport in the world.

Arriving with no itinerary, we have made our way progressively through the city and on to the more popular suburbs along the beach. Even in low season, the climate is warm and the water clear. Microbreweries along historic streets abound. The sunsets are long, slow, and picturesque. Architect- designed homes with Spanish tiled roofs line the coastal boardwalk and your neighbor’s beach volleyball team practices for the regional championships at your sandy doorstep. The sidewalks are impeccably clean. The roads are broad. The courts of the public tennis club are manicured beautifully of real grass. No one less than a multi millionaire could possibly afford to live in the affluent community of Cottesloe beach. So why on earth is there a backpacker’s hostel right smack in the middle of this place?

Rather out of place for the budget traveler, we found ourselves tucked into this beachside community for a few days. Enjoying the ocean view and tiring of the dreary hostel conditions that are reportedly all over this region. We laughed about finding the most expensive of Australia in our final week- reluctantly changing our tickets to leave the country a few days earlier. It’s been a fantastic adventure here, and one day we hope to come back- on a vacationer’s budget- and see the places we missed this time around.




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