Breathtaking and Deadly


Don’t come to Cairns thinking you’ll get a relaxing week of beach activity and ocean swimming. While beautiful, this stretch of sandy shoreline can mame, eat, sting, and then kill you all in one adventurous afternoon. We’d heard this from other travelers, but the reality of it didn’t quite hit until the warning signs and ‘sting station’ at the beach entrance were observed.

Amazingly enough, the dangers are only along the coast- another reason why heading out to the reef in a boat offers a big advantage to enjoying the sea. And this sea is well worth the effort, as we’ve said before- there is truly no more incredible an experience than this stretch of reef.

20110524-102334.jpg. We remain absolutely amazed by this place. There is something incredible about traveling through a place that is so internationally famous yet still so wild. It is worth every effort to make it here, to walk along the beach and to swim in the waters… And to resist that urge to play in the waves along the coast…



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