At the Zoo

I’ve always found it alarming when any adult raves about an experience geared towards those in grade school- a children’s concert, a trip to the dairy farm… A petting zoo. Others might agree that anyone attributing a rush from touching a cute furry marsupial should probably not tell too many people, let alone write about it on a blog. But I have. And I will.

I had low expectations when visiting the zoo. It’s not like we can’t see animals native to Australia at zoos in the states… Or can we? I was surprised. So was Dave. We would have stayed longer had we not arrived so late in the day, but the Zoo was an experience we were told could not be missed and I am sure glad that I listened to the recommendation.

I saw a croc eat a chicken. I fed a herd of kangaroos rabbit food from my hand. I got to pet them. I saw two Koalas get in a fight and start biting each other. I watched a Cassowary nearly take down a screaming toddler and I almost got attacked by a giant pelican. it was great. I LOVE the zoo! Don’t underestimate this experience if you come to Australia- it’s worth more than a two hour visit.

Note: by what is likely our own stupidity, we are still having a ton of problems with getting photos up on the blog. Luckily the cloud seems to work just fine, and we’re posting a bunch of the zoo pictures up on there right now- just go to the Photo Gallery and click on the red PHOTOS hyperlink…

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