Diving the reef

The quintessential activity required when visiting the area of the world. Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, and there are a plethora of opportunities for every person to explore this wonderland. After much research, our group decided many months ago to scuba dive the reef via Live Aboard cruise- a three day, two night journey known for getting divers to the outer portions of the reef.

Our tour operator kept us busy. Very busy. We spent all our time diving, eating, and sleeping, with very little time to do much else other than the occasional nap on the sundeck. Over our three days we completed a whopping 11 dives, including two night dives. Now with our toes rubbed dry from fins and a near permanent mask mark on our faces, reflection on this experience has reinsured that our choice of tours was the best decision we could have made. The reef is as impressive as described to us, and the choice to live on the dive boat gave us the best possible access to this in a small amount of time.

I knew the reef was big, but I didn’t realize how enormous it actually is until now. I think I could dive here for the rest of my life and never see it all. And what a few dives here has given me is a dire feeling of needing more. Three days of diving has introduced the incredible array of life that exists beneath the surface, but the sheer size makes you wonder what you could be missing. It’s addicting, and Cairns is filled with people who came to see the reef and stayed to try to see the rest of it. I understand why, and am a bit jealous of the people who live here for that reason. We are resisting the urge to jump back in the water in our final days here, a really hard lesson in self control. The world that lies underwater here is so inspiring that it tops the list of our travel experiences so far.





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