The Tropics of OZ

Sorry for the lapse in posts. We’ve been on vacation. We’ve been so excited for this week to arrive- looking forward to it even before we started traveling. It is hard to believe it is coming to a close and that our friends are embarking on a flight home… Even as I write this I am a bit surprised it went by SO fast, and that updating everyone on our week’s activities- so packed with many adventures- will take so many posts to sum up. Cairns is an amazing place, and we are so excited we decided to make the trip up here. This place makes Australia in our minds. Life is good here. Really good.

As the plane touched down in Cairns, views of a crystal ocean against lush tropical forests and green covered hillsides were filling the windows and sunshine lit up the plane’s cabin. It didn’t feel like Australia, it felt like like a carribean island. Tropical and warm, a waterfront boardwalk busy with people, and a town lit up with al fresco restaurants and evening beer specials… Cairns is a happy, partying beach town with a scuba obsession. With friends arriving from out of town, Dave and I decided to leave the backpacking world aside and just go on vacation for a week. Allowing ourselves the luxury of hotel rooms, going out to dinner, and participating in tourist activities we usually wouldn’t on a backpacker budget. The break has been rejuvenating and much more needed than either of us realized. And the added luxury of familiar faces from home made the week so amazing that it will be hard to properly explain. There is simply no better feeling right now than having our friends here to share some of this experience with us. We were overjoyed to see them. And after so much time away from home, a vacation with good friends was even more treasured than before. We’ll start posting pictures as soon as we find a connection that allows us to… Apparently the hotel lobby’s Internet is too basic for uploading.

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