Sydney on Fast Track

Three days in Sydney. How in the world did we plan only three days here when we have an entire year to travel for? Between flight times, prior bookings, and airline prices, this short passage here is all we get. Relief should be the first word to express, as we got all too close to skipping this city entirely. Concerned even about a few days due to everything we’d heard about Sydney’s high cost of living, we were astonished to find it wasn’t at all what we’d heard.

Perhaps we lucked out on a good hotel price by booking last minute online. It was a bit outside of the city center but not an uncomfortable walk in the sunny autumn weather. And for the same cost as the average hostel, we had small luxuries like our own bathroom and a continental breakfast. Not the overpriced Sydney we’d been warned about. Not at all. And as in every modern city, good if not excellent food can be found for the smallest of prices if you know where to look. We always do our research on this stuff. We had a great few days here enjoying the sites, and even sitting down to a fancy dinner on the waterfront one night without killing our budget. Who knows what the rest of Australia has in store, but Sydney has made us feel more like vacationers and less like backpackers. We feel a certain connection with this city as a result.

Off next to Cairns, where a three day live-aboard trip to the Great Barrier Reef will prevent us from updating the blog for a few days. We’re also meeting up with friends from home, our our first glimpse of familiar faces in months… We’re so excited we can’t stop talking about how great next week’s gonna be. I hope I don’t look too stupid jumping up and down with excitement when I see them in the airport.

We’ve posted new photos from NZ and Sydney to the cloud. Check them out by clicking on the red tab under the photos category. See you on the other side of the reef!

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