Chillin’ at the CHC

With dirt under our nails and a feeling of desperation from far too much time in the uber close proximity of an old toyota van, we were all too eager to return our dear Campervan to it’s keepers. Back in Christchurch and happy to be away from the outdoors, we failed to realize that the dire state of the city left it in a deficit of hotel beds. We had known that eventually we would face the challenge of a night at an airport, but we were so tired from 22 days of camping that today it felt even more daunting. Off to Christchurch airport it was, for fifteen hours of waiting.

We were sad to discover that our flight had been changed and would now be two and a half hours later than we’d planned, but there was really nothing we could do. We enjoyed watching a movie on the comfy couches in the domestic terminal until we were kicked out, and reluctantly moved to the international arrivals room- the only part of the CHC to stay open 24 hours a day. It was no surprise that the place was packed with travelers in similar situations to us. Luckily the arrivals area had complimentary hot showers for everyone’s use, but unfortunately no benches to lay down on. We found a carpeted hallway next to a small arcade-style game room and, as airport staff informed us, this would be the best place to sleep since it was the quietest area available. It was a long night. Paying our dues, so to say, for all this traveling…


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