The Urban Paradise

After a long, long night attempting to sleep on a hard floor at the airport, we were at long await off on a four hour flight west to the next destination. Trading views of tall trees for skyscrapers, no feeling can compare to the energy of a big city after so much time in roughing it in the great outdoors.

Sydney. One of the world’s great cities. Offering exciting and convenient amenities like a subway system! Roadways larger than the average hallway! Treated water! A modern oasis to us, and at this point a virtual paradise. The lights, the rush of mid afternoon pedestrian traffic, the roar of public buses… Sydney is everything we’ve been lacking. I suppose any big city could fit the bill right now, but Sydney is new and unchartered. Old buildings stand aside contemporary clusters of Impressive architecture, restaurants offering food from most any region one could imagine. There is a rush of people on every roadway 24 hours a day, and there is virtually nothing we could wish for that can’t be found within a one hour walk. Our three days here will be far too short, but we are elated to have this precious time to experience what we can here. And after 22 days of camping, wondering where to park our van, and peeling through roadmaps, we are thrilled to be in a place where the best mode of transportation is a good pair of walking shoes.



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