Greymouth- the big city

Tipping over the west coast range and passing through old mining towns and tiny villages, we made our way west towards the Tasman Sea. Next stop: Greymouth. The gateway to the infamous glaciers and the largest city on the west coast. We exhaled with delight- the city would be welcomed warmly after a few days of back country camping and towns made of 1 gas station and a horse pasture. Our plan was to stay in the city for a night, feel some good night life, and move on in the morning. We got up early in effort to maximize our time in Greymouth. What we found was this:

Greymouth is, by normal standards, a historic little tiny town with a few large amenities brought in by tourism. There is a one room museum, a river walk, and some stunning old commercial buildings squeezed onto the main street. An old brewery sits on the outskirts of town, along with a larger and much more modern grocery store that seems not to fit in anywhere except for the purpose of convenience. I am not sure what we were expecting, but this certainly wasn’t it. We walked through the downtown area in about five minutes, and were as charmed as we were surprised- clearly expecting the city that had been described to us previously. Greymouth- the big city of the west coast.

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