I’ve said how much I love other cities we’ve traveled through, but I think Wellington tops the list. It’s a great walking city with an active waterfront and so many things to do that the days rush by without notice. We originally just planned to pass through on our way to the south island, and ended up adding an extra day. I wish there was time to add an extra week. Wellington is a great city.

Leaving the train station after dark, we stood on the sidewalk with a map trying to plan the best route to our hostel. In the first ten minutes we were approached three times by locals offering to help us. People here are abnormally friendly. It was a good start to a fantastic, yet short three days.

Wellington is and artsy, active, young, university town with incredible museums and hidden little restaurant coves. Live music streams from the streets night and day, runners workout along the boardwalk, and students type away on laptops along the many park benches (free wifi along the waterfront!). It’s no surprise our hostel was filled with long term guests and not the typical travelers we were used to meeting. Large, cold and inhospitable, our dorm was the only disappointment of our time in Wellington.

Wellington is the final stop on the north island, and the last place most people see before crossing over. The Interisland ferry terminal is just outside the city. Tomorrow, a three hour voyage over the Cook Straight awaits.


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