A bit of Italy in Auckland

We’ve been distant for the past two weeks- ignoring our precious website and undoubtedly disappointing our tiny band of readers. Never fear, we are officially back in the traveler’s path after half a month of farm work in a small valley north of Auckland. But first, an update on the last few weeks of our adventurers:

An outdoor pizza oven, squaking chickens, fresh pasta, handmade salami, and a seemingly never ending supply of olive oil… An evening breeze like clockwork bringing in salty sea air, and a valley view of sweeping grass covered hills. It almost felt like Italy. It practically was, and appropriately so. By the magical workings of the Internet, Dave and I met this fascinating Italian family who invited us to come live and work with them at their home here on the north island. Here we’ve exercised our farm hands building a chicken coup and a duck pond, and entertained ourselves learning to make traditional wood fired pizza, Bresseola, fresh pasta, classic italian sausages, and tiramisu. It has been just as rewarding as it has been educational. This family has given us a knowledge of their traditional food preparation that we can carry with us forever. We are excited at the prospect of coming home to try the recipes we’ve learned- it has been such a special few weeks here. I think we would both agree to stay longer if we had more time, but the south island beckons and so we must move on. This week brings a train ride to Wellington, then a ferry ride south where we hire a Campervan for our remaining time in this incredibly beautiful country.


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