New Plymouth is Perfect

Two days into our adventure, we’ve reached the entry of the highly anticipated Surf Highway: the laid back city of New Plymouth. A city on the ocean teaming with art boutiques, charming architecture, and a slough of restaurants- if it wasn’t for my husband’s need to see the entire coast highway I would happily just stay here. This place just feels good. The ocean breeze, the broad sidewalks, the creative edge… But where have all these hippies come from? Unknowingly, we have showed up here during the weekend of WOMAD- a yearly world music festival that the city hosts. Our campsite is a buzz with dreadlocks and organic cotton, and looking like the backpackers that we are everyone just assumes that we are here for the show. The only difference is that we are up early to watch the surf with the locals every morning- and it’s as perfect as we imagined. Black sand lights up with the rising sun and the waves set up in perfect formation. Runners tread along the seaside path and surfers line up to see what the morning has delivered. This just feels right. This is precisely the show we came for.

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